How it all got started…

Hello! I grew up as a typical picky eater, not eating anything that looked, smelled, or had a strange texture. I was a meat and potatoes kinda girl, much thanks to my father. I even refused to eat french fries until my mom told me boys wouldn’t like me if I didn’t. So.. fast forward 15 years and I meet my boyfriend, who will literally try any food once. He has since implemented the “no thank you bite,” where I MUST try a food at least once and then I can tell him “no thank you.” This is the same technique used on his 6 and 8 year old niece and nephew… but alas, IT WORKS! I am now forcing my preprogramed brain to try foods that used to make me shudder and cringe. To fully run with this idea, I have started a new thing where I cooked something strange every Wednesday.. thus WACKY WEDNESDAY was born.

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